dolutegravir, rilpivirine DTG (INSTI), RPV (NNRTI)

DHHS recommended as continuation therapy for people with undetectable HIV viral load for at least 6 months and who do not have HBV co-infection
Single-Tablet Regimen

Standard Dose

One tablet once daily, with a meal (see Edurant), for adults who are virologically suppressed (have an undetectable viral load of less than 50 copies per mL) on a current ART (antiretroviral therapy) regimen for at least six months and who have no history of treatment failure or resistance mutations associated with rilpivirine or dolutegravir.

Take missed dose as soon as possible, with a meal, unless it is closer to the time of your next dose. Do not double up on your next dose. For proper absorption, rilpivirine must be taken with a meal that you chew—not just nutritional drinks or protein shakes.
  • See the individual drugs contained in Juluca: Tivicay and Edurant.
  • See package insert for more complete information on potential side effects and interactions.


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