bictegravir/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide BIC/FTC/TAF

Recommended initial regimen for most people
Single-Tablet Regimen

Standard Dose

One tablet once daily without regard to food for people taking HIV treatment for the first time (treatment-naïve) or individuals with suppressed viral load on a stable HIV regimen with no history of treatment failure and no known resistance to components of the regimen: bictegravir, emtricitabine, or tenofovir. Tablet contains 50 mg of the INSTI bictegravir plus 200 mg emtricitabine and 25 mg TAF.

For adults and children weighing at least 55 pounds (25 kg), use standard dose above or see package labeling. New pediatric formulation available for children at least 2 years old and weighing 30.8–55 pounds (14–25 kg), Biktarvy Low Dose—use one tablet daily with or without food. Each Biktarvy Low Dose tablet contains BIC 30 mg/FTC 120 mg/TAF 15 mg. Take missed dose as soon as possible, unless it is closer to the time of your next dose. Do not double up on your next dose. Biktarvy is not recommended for people with CrCl less than 30 mL/min or people with severe liver impairment. Biktarvy may be used for people with an undetectable viral load and CrCl less than 15 mL/min who are also receiving hemodialysis.
  • See also Descovy, which is contained in this drug (bictegravir is not available separately).
  • See package insert for more complete information on potential side effects and interactions.


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