Positively Aware: Self-defense moves

Self-defense moves

Take care of yourself in a time of stress

Positively Aware: Support for the journey

Support for the journey

Three women’s unique perspectives on long-term HIV survival

Positively Aware: Surviving two pandemics (HIV and COVID-19)

Note from the Guest Editors

Surviving two pandemics

Positively Aware: How Vaccine Nationalism Is Killing Us

Vaccine nationalism is killing us

How inequities in research and access to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines will perpetuate the pandemic

How women of color living with HIV helped win the election

Building on the power of the HIV community, Vote Positive USA is ready for more

Exercising self-care

Relaxation and writing exercises toward healing

Surviving and thriving during another epidemic

The role of diet and exercise in the era of COVID-19

The testers are being tested

How HIV testing sites are adapting to the COVID pandemic

Dr. Rob Garofalo with his yorkie, Fred

A dog’s power to heal

A new photo book illustrates how a dog’s unconditional love can transform the lives of people living with HIV

A Matter of Justice: COVID-19 Vaccines and Health Inequities in PLHIV

March 4th webinar on COVID-19 vaccines and health inequities in people living with HIV

Addressing partner violence and trauma

Addressing partner violence and trauma

Survivors and advocates face new problems, and develop new forms of support

Positively Aware: Poz Advocate COVID-19 preparedness

Poz Advocate: COVID preparedness for people living with HIV

COVID preparedness for people living with HIV

Like HIV, COVID-19 underscores disparities

Another pandemic shows the effects of discrimination on vulnerable groups

Needle syringe and vials

HIV activists win fight for inclusion in major COVID-19 vaccine trial

HIV activists persuade drug maker Moderna to include people living with HIV in a major COVID-19 vaccine trial

Activist Matt Sharp with his beloved rescue dog Betty.

Positively Aging: 'We have to keep on being persistent.’

Veteran AIDS activist talks about facing the coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of a long-term survivor of HIV.

The ‘London patient’ is only the second person to be ‘cured’ of HIV

Top news from AIDS2020: Virtual

Highlights from the AIDS2020: Virtual conference

The category is... Self-care realness

What are you doing for self-care during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Virtuosity at CROI 2020

Leading HIV conference goes virtual in a time of coronavirus outbreak

Positively Aware: Editor's note--Let's stay connected

Editor's Note: Let's stay connected

We have a basic, fundamental need as humans to connect

COVID-19 Q&A with David Alain Wohl, MD

COVID-19 and HIV Q&A with Dr. David Wohl

An infectious disease specialist who witnessed the Ebola epidemic offers insight into the current pandemic

DailyLookChallenge: Using social media, art, and creativity in the time of COVID-19


Using social media, art, and creativity to lift us all up

Sex and pleasure in the time of COVID-19

Pickett Fences: Love the One You’re With – Sex and Pleasure in the time of COVID-19

So HOW IN THE HELL do we talk about sex and pleasure now?

Positively Aware: HIV and COVID-19 for long-term survivors

Positively Aging: The Life-Saving Power of Connection

Things long-term survivors of HIV can do to thrive in the era of COVID-19