Conference Notes

Fostemsavir; long-acting injectable; vaginal ring

Dolutegravir during pregnancy

Based on new data, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended dolutegravir as a preferred HIV drug for all populations living with HIV, including pregnant women and those wanting to conceive.

HIV meds just four days a week?

And other conference highlights including new long-acting drug GS-6207; PrEP on demand; HIV treatment = prevention.

The Basics

Building blocks for a healthy life, with insights from a nurse educator


Biktarvy and antacids. Descovy FDA hearing. Updated guidelines for transgender individuals. Biktarvy and kids. PrEP4Love. Michael Johnson freed.

Jeff Berry in 1989

Editor's Note

Note to my younger self.

Truvada Safety

Truvada Safety

Talking about PrEP and HIV treatment in a time of class action lawsuits

Positively Aware Briefly


Monthly injectable HIV med on the way; HIV pharma sued over pricing practices; Australian PrEP advocate talks about his new HIV status; ​​​​tenofovir class action lawsuits

Healthiness in HIV

A look in the poster hall

Drugs in development

Monthly injections plus inhibitors of viral capsid and maturation

Positively Aware Briefly

Briefly: May+June 2019

New two-drug regimen gets FDA approval. Transgender filmmaker debuts new documentary. Project Inform closes. First kidney transplant from donor living with HIV.

Positively Aware: An A to Z listing of the medications in the 2019 HIV Drug Guide.

Find Your 2019 HIV Drug Here

An A to Z listing of the drugs in the 2019 HIV Drug Guide

Coming Attractions

A sneak peak at some of the new drugs coming soon

An Ensemble Cast

How different drug classes play their part in the HIV lifecycle

Your Map to the Stars

Getting the most out of your drug guide

Supporting Role

HIV treatment can be costly, but there’s help

When Drugs Collide!

Understanding drug interactions

Positively Aware: Rising to the occasion

Rising to the Occasion

DHHS guideline recommendations for first-time therapy in HIV

And the Nominees Are…

A quick look at the recommendations for first-time therapy

Positively Aware The Conversation

The Conversation: March & April 2019

Mixed emotions for a long-term survivor. Peer education in prison. Loving the HIV drug guides and charts. 

Opening Credits

Contributors to the 2019 HIV Drug Guide

Front Cover Backstory: March & April 2019

The experience is your own, but you’re not alone in the room

The road ahead

New drugs, new options on the horizon

Pennies from above

HIV treatment can be costly, but there’s help

Standard practice

DHHS treatment guidelines for first-time HIV therapy

The future of HIV therapy

New strategies are here—and more are on the way, says W. David Hardy, MD