Positively Aware HIV Drug Guide: Cabenuva


cabotegravir extended-release injectable suspension; rilpivirine extended-release injectable suspension (CAB LA/RPV LA)

Recommended as optimization therapy for people with undetectable HIV viral load for at least 3 months on treatment
Long-Acting Regimen

Standard Dose

Two long-acting intramuscular gluteal (butt muscle) injections once monthly. Consists of one injection of long-acting cabotegravir and one injection of long-acting rilpivirine. No food restrictions.

For adults switching from a stable HIV regimen who have undetectable viral load (less than 50 copies per mL) with no history of antiretroviral treatment failure and no drug resistance or suspected resistance to cabotegravir or rilpivirine. A month of daily oral lead-in therapy is required before injections begin, consisting of a 30 mg tablet of cabotegravir (Vocabria) and a 25 mg tablet of rilpivirine (Edurant). Oral rilpivirine must be taken with food; the injectable does not. Initiate injections on last day of oral lead-in. If up to eight weeks of treatment is missed (four injections total), restart therapy with the maintenance dose of 400 mg CAB LA plus 600 mg RPV LA. If more than eight weeks of therapy has been missed, restart treatment with the higher initial dose of 600 mg CAB LA plus 900 mg RPV LA, then continue with the lower doses thereafter. The oral medications can also be used as “bridging” if shots cannot be obtained on time. Increased monitoring is recommended when CrCl is less than 30. The effect of severe liver impairment on Cabenuva is unknown.
  • See Edurant (rilpivirine); Vocabria (cabotegravir) is not available separately
  • See package insert for more complete information on potential side effects and interactions.


ViiV Healthcare
viivhealthcare.com; cabenuva.com
(877) 844-8872


28-day oral lead-in provided at no cost
Loading dose (600 mg/900 mg): $7,128 (estimated based on WAC)
Maintenance dose (400 mg/600 mg): $4,752/month (estimated based on WAC)

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