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HIV privacy laws are about choice and control, not shame

‘Folks who need the most should get the most’

PACHA appointee Tori Cooper discusses the needs of the transgender community with PA associate editor Enid Vázquez

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Decriminalization of sex work is good public health policy

Positively Aware: Gay man murdered in Mexico after revealing HIV status

Gay man killed in Mexico when he revealed HIV status

Action must be taken to defend rights of people living with HIV

Briefly July+August 2021

A long-acting medication now being used once a month for HIV may soon be used every other month for HIV prevention.

Positively Aware: Kerry Thomas

Fighting to stay well behind the walls

Two pandemics meet within the broken U.S. prison health system

Seeking protections for sex workers

Proposed legislation will address the harms of current laws

What does Abolition have to do with HIV decriminalization and modernization?

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