Positively Aware Intelence


200 mg etravirine ETR (NNRTI)

DHHS recommended for treatment-experienced people
Non-Nucleoside "Non-Nuke"

Standard Dose

One tablet, twice daily with a meal. Taking Intelence without food could result in a 50% decrease in drug absorption and may lead to HIV drug resistance. Must be taken in combination with another antiretroviral(s) from a different drug class.

Approved for treatment-experienced adults and children 2 years and older weighing at least 22 pounds (10 kg). See the package insert for specific weight-based dosing in children. Also available in 25 mg and 100 mg tablets.

Take missed dose as soon as possible, unless it is closer to the time of your next dose. Do not double up on your next dose. People unable to swallow pills (Intelence tablets are “chalky”) can dissolve tablets in one teaspoon (5 mL) of water or at least enough liquid to cover the medication; stir well until the water turns milky, add more water if desired—or use a small amount (about one tablespoon) of orange juice or milk as an alternative, always placing tablets in water first. Avoid warm (over 104° F) or carbonated beverages. Drink immediately, rinse the glass several times with water, orange juice, or milk, and completely swallow the rinse each time to make sure the entire dose is taken.
  • See package insert for more complete information on potential side effects and interactions.
  • Generic Intelence is available.


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Intelence: 100 mg, 120 tablets:

etravirine generic:
100 mg, 120 tablets:

Intelence: 200 mg, 60 tablets:

etravirine generic:
200 mg, 60 tablets:

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