HIV Life Cycle

Different drug classes interrupt the virus from replicating at various stages

Choice Options

DHHS Guidelines for people starting HIV therapy for the first time

Editor's Note

A chronicle of the epidemic, 30 years in the making

What advice would you give to someone living with HIV?

What advice would you give to someone who just learned they’re living with HIV?

Understanding HIV-related terminology

Understanding HIV-related terminology with a glossary

Building blocks for a healthy life

Building blocks for a healthy life, with insights from a nurse educator


Biktarvy and antacids. Descovy FDA hearing. Updated guidelines for transgender individuals. Biktarvy and kids. PrEP4Love. Michael Johnson freed.

Hepatitis C treatment for people with HCV/HIV co-infection

Key points for people living with HIV and HCV.

Helping providers treat people with hepatitis C, HIV, and other conditions

Project ECHO reviews cases, provides insurance codes, and more

Hepatitis B—an overview

A cheat sheet from Andrew Reynolds on the most common infectious disease in the world

Losing your disability payments

An advocate at the Legal Council for Health Justice, Marina Kurakin, MSW, MFA outlines how you can protect yourself in a Social Security review

Positively Aware Briefly


Monthly injectable HIV med on the way; HIV pharma sued over pricing practices; Australian PrEP advocate talks about his new HIV status; ​​​​tenofovir class action lawsuits

Positively Aware The Conversation

The Conversation

AIDS in 1982; Drug Charts in prison

Where There’s Hope

An organ donor encourages other people living with HIV to give the gift of life

Built to Last

A leading researcher talks about long-acting medications in development

Emerging Options

Doctors and advocates discuss treatment and prevention breakthroughs on the horizon

Positively Aware mental health CROI

Mental health gets special emphasis at CROI 2018

Positively Aware Say Goodbye to Risk

Say Goodbye to ‘Risk’

Watch your words. Lose the labels if you want to prevent HIV

Positively Aware Undetectable Equals Untransmittable

The Science of U=U

People on treatment with an undetectable viral load do not transmit HIV—here's how.

Positively Aware Living well with HIV

Living Well with HIV

Tips for living healthier and smarter, whether you’re newly diagnosed or not

Positively Aware Next Steps

Next Steps

How to find a provider, knowing your rights, and more

The 21st Annual HIV Drug Guide

A handbook of the medications prescribed for treating HIV—with comments from a specialist and an HIV activist.

Positively Aware Know Where to Look

Know Where to Look

Finding assistance programs to help pay for your meds

Positively Aware Standard Practice

Standard Practice

DHHS HIV treatment guidelines for first-time therapy

Positively Aware State of the ART

State of the Art

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) continues to get better, safer and easier, and we’ll see new developments in 2017. Dr. John Gallant outlines initial therapy recommendations, options for simplification and switching medications, new drugs in the pipeline, and some experimental ART strategies.

Positively Aware Back to the Future

Back to the Future

A new HIV medication offers hope to those who’ve exhausted their options

Something More Important Than Fear

My journey back to treatment

Positively Aware START Now

Start Now

A new study confirms that everyone who is HIV-positive should be on treatment

From the Archives: How One Person Can Make a Difference

Chris Clason’s inspiring vision led to the birth of TPAN and Positively Aware. This piece originally appeared in the January+February 2014 issue of Positively Aware.