picture of the AIDS Quilt on display at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

New documentary considers the last mile to ‘Ending HIV in America’

A upcoming PBS documentary, “Ending HIV in America,” recounts the history of the AIDS epidemic and looks at how far HIV prevention and treatment efforts have come.

AIDS Garden Chicago gate

AIDS Garden Chicago—a place to honor and remember

Leaders and community gather to commemorate opening of the city’s first AIDS memorial

screenshot from the trailer of the documentary, Fuel for the Fire

Fighting stigma’s fire

In her documentary short, first-time filmmaker Asha Molok looks at the experience of Black people living with HIV

Jake Glaser, finger upraised, making a point as he holds a microphone while making a speech

A tale of two pandemics

Would someone admitting they have COVID-19 experience the same stigma and shame that often still accompanies a person when they disclose that they have HIV? 

Illustration of different pairings of older couples

The Category Is: Sex and aging with HIV

How has aging with HIV affected your sex life?

Transgender actor Alexandra Billings leaning against a tree while posing for a photographer

Behind the cover

A lesson in community

Powerful moments in the HIV/AIDS movement

A reflection on the beauty and strength of diversity

Stepping onto new stages

Gerald Garth ushers in the next generation of leadership

Research on transgender people

‘We declare that research on transgender people must benefit transgender people’

Why are you here?

Addressing HIV demands more than scholarship. All HIV researchers need to be scholar-activists

Note from the Guest Editor

No more bystanders

Magic Johnson seated in chair for interview

They Call Me Magic Docuseries Premiere

New Magic Johnson docuseries premieres April 22 on Apple TV streaming service

Positively Aware: This Time for Alexandra Billings

This time for Alexandra Billings

The accomplished actor talks about her new memoir, and how there are gifts in chaos

The stories behind A Day with HIV

Positively Aware hosts an online celebration of resilience told through pictures

Red and black AIDS quilt panel with ballet shoes, peace pipe, stars and moon

Dancing Around HIV: When Do You Know If You've Ever Done Enough?

There are some days when I embrace the work, my activism, and keeping up with the latest about HIV/AIDS. And there are other days when I want to forget about it all and just escape. Because no matter what I do it never seems like it's enough, or that I could somehow be doing it better, or that maybe I waited too long to decide to act.

Transforming power

The transgender community takes the reins

Being Bridgette

When it clicks

Poz Advocate

Decriminalization of sex work is good public health policy

cropped version of the promotional image for the ArtPositive exhibition in Paris

Artists living with HIV say ‘no’ to stigma with Paris exhibit

An exhibit of works by European artists living with HIV opens in Paris

Positively Aware: Gay man murdered in Mexico after revealing HIV status

Gay man killed in Mexico when he revealed HIV status

Action must be taken to defend rights of people living with HIV

AIDS Garden Memorial Chicago

AIDS Garden Chicago breaks ground

Groundbreaking ceremony for the AIDS Garden, a memorial at the original site of the Belmont Rocks, a popular gathering spot from the 1960s–1990s for Chicago’s LGBTQ community

Looking deeper to dispel stigma and fear

Anne Aslett talks about the effects of HIV stigma, and the work the Elton John AIDS Foundation is doing to fight it

Positively Aware: Finding Black pleasure

Finding Black pleasure

‘Growing up poz’ is just one aspect of this young Black queer long-term survivor’s journey

Positively Aware: Dangerous Crossroads

Dangerous crossroads

A therapist and long-term survivor surveys the intersections of addiction, isolation, COVID-19, and aging with HIV

Positively Aware: Weathering many storms

Weathering many storms

A clinical psychologist examines the physical effects of discrimination and other traumas

Positively Aware: Two transgender activists on resilience

Layers of resilience

Two transgender activists of color share how they support their communities—and themselves

The Category Is Mar+Apr 2021

What’s been the most unexpected experience or encounter you’ve had in your journey with HIV?

Positively Aware: Self-defense moves

Self-defense moves

Take care of yourself in a time of stress

Positively Aware: Poz Advocate-Getting back to (discrimination free) work

Poz Advocate: Getting back to (discrimination free) work

There is not a job in the world that a person living with HIV cannot safely perform

Positively Aware: Surviving two pandemics (HIV and COVID-19)

Note from the Guest Editors

Surviving two pandemics

Positively Aware: Broken Crayons

Broken Crayons

Repurposing life's challenges into something of beauty

Positively Aware: Poz Advocate-It's a new day for people living with HIV

Poz Advocate: It’s a new day for people living with HIV in America

It’s a new day for people living with HIV in America

The Category Is

In-your-face realness


Poz Advocate

COVID and people living with HIV in jails and prisons

Reclaiming Identity

A musician and educator reflects on his journey

Sex and pleasure in the time of COVID-19

Pickett Fences: Love the One You’re With – Sex and Pleasure in the time of COVID-19

So HOW IN THE HELL do we talk about sex and pleasure now?

Positively Aging: The Gift of Choice

Inter-generational conversations have a power of their own

Tired of the way things are

Former Positively Aware associate editor Keith R. Green, PhD, MSW notes that while much in the world of HIV/AIDS has changed since an editor’s passing, a lot has not

Hope and redemption: Q&A with Celeste Watkins-Hayes

Research on women points to the importance of safety nets for everyone

Born Free

Lynnea Lawson was born with HIV, and gave birth to a daughter who is HIV-negative


Pregnancy and dolutegravir; AIDS Quilt finds a new home; survey on women living with HIV; and more

Positively Aware The Conversation

The Conversation

A reader’s own ‘Note to My Younger Self’

7th Rural HIV Training & Research Conference: Deep and Southern Strong

Addressing HIV in the rural South

Driving out stigma

‘Dee’ Conner and Deirdre Johnson hit the road to raise awareness in the South

A Day with HIV 2019

Everyday moments in extraordinary lives 2019

Two-spirit conversation

A conversation with David Herrara of the Montana Two Spirit Society

Black and Latino queer men and pleasure

Choosing power over stigma

Positively Aging: Cross-generational collaboration

Coming together for HIV advocacy

Mental health and self-care

Some things to think about when addressing your emotional and mental health

Suddenly sundered

HIV and the Foreign Service

Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness


FDA approves Descovy for PrEP; Delstrigo and Pifeltro approved for switch treatment; Bictegravir, dolutegravir and Tybost for children; and more.

Positively Aware Editor's Note

Editor's Note

Dismantling stigma

Front Cover(s) Backstory

One issue, four covers for A Day with HIV

Finding hope in ‘Crystal City’

A new documentary about gay men, meth, and HIV

A Day With HIV anti-stigma campaign

Andrew Espinosa on A Day with HIV

Why one person living with HIV takes part in a groundbreaking anti-stigma campaign


Biktarvy and antacids. Descovy FDA hearing. Updated guidelines for transgender individuals. Biktarvy and kids. PrEP4Love. Michael Johnson freed.

Jeff Berry in 1989

Editor's Note

Note to my younger self.

Team Friendly at World Pride in New York City in June

‘Love knows no status.’

Team Friendly Makes a statement at World Pride NYC

A Tale of Two Epidemics

Youth, HIV, and homelessness

Response Required: Dealing with race, drugs, and gay sex.

Response Required: Dealing with race, drugs and gay sex

HIV community key to social justice within LGBT community

Today is A Day with HIV

Positively Aware: Spirituality and faith in my HIV journey

Spirituality and faith in my HIV journey

The line between religion and spirituality can be difficult to navigate

Amazing Grace or Highway to Hell?

God, spirituality, and HIV

Prison Health Is Public Health

The case for testing and treating hepatitis C in prisons

Crossroads: HIV and Social Justice

Q&A with The Sero Project’s Sean Strub

A Matter Of Culture and Rights

Two activists discuss decriminalization efforts in Mexico and the U.S.

He said, she said—and what the law says

A doctor who works with people with HIV who are incarcerated looks at two cases

Ending Criminalization of HIV

Having experienced his own ordeal, activist Robert Suttle adamantly believes we are destined to win

AIDS Watch Illinois state delegation

AIDSWatch 2018

AIDSWatch, the annual meeting between HIV community activists and national lawmakers on Capitol Hill, as seen through the eyes of a first-time participant

Positively Aware mental health CROI

Mental health gets special emphasis at CROI 2018

Positively Aware Behind the Smiles

Behind the smiles on A Day with HIV

On September 22, 2017, hundreds of people captured a moment of their lives and shared their stories.

TPAN Outdated Orders

Outdated Orders

How service members living with HIV are subjected to criminalization

Positively Aware Tree of Life

Tree of Life

What would an HIV cure mean to you?

Positively Aware Safer Drug Consumption Spaces

Benefits of Safer Drug Consumption Spaces

Why Safe Consumption Spaces for people who use drugs would benefit society.

Positively Aware Safer Drug Consumption Spaces

Safer Drug Consumption Spaces

An idea whose time has come

Positively Aware Say Goodbye to Risk

Say Goodbye to ‘Risk’

Watch your words. Lose the labels if you want to prevent HIV

Positively Aware Undetectable Equals Untransmittable

The Science of U=U

People on treatment with an undetectable viral load do not transmit HIV—here's how.

Positively Aware Our Story is Yours

Our Story is Your Story

Honoring 30 years with the personal stories of lives touched by TPAN

Positively Aware TPAN 30 Years Michael Payne

TPAN: 30 Years of Empowerment

A legacy of surviving and thriving

Positively Aware A Path of their Own

A Path of Their Own

Two best friends tell PA about their unique journeys to wellness

Positively Aware To Speak or Not to Speak

To Speak or Not to Speak

HIV stigma and the consequences of silence

Mark Holmes Facing Stigma Positively Aware PA

Facing Stigma

A Day with HIV participants open up about stigma

Everyday Pictures

A Day with HIV

Our anti-stigma campaign portrays 24 hours in the lives of people around the world affected by HIV. A selection of the images—and lives—shared on September 22, 2016.

Reconnecting With Her Community

Feeling free with the Ride for AIDS Chicago

HIV Is Not A Crime II

HIV is Not a Crime II Training Academy May 17 – 20, in Huntsville, Alabama
Caring about HIV criminalization

Michael Johnson, HIV, and Murder

Disclosure and discrimination in criminal law

Doctor No

Positively Aware Jim Pickett

Making Good on the Promise of PrEP

How Jim Pickett is making PrEP a household word

You Say 'Whore' Like it's a Bad Thing

How stigma fuels the HIV epidemic

Why I Ride