One issue, four covers featuring photos from A Day with HIV, Positively Aware’s annual anti-stigma campaign. On September 23, 2019, people across the U.S. and in 10 other countries captured a moment of their day to depict 24 hours in the lives of people affected by HIV. In addition to a gallery of photos appearing on, there are four different versions of a foldout cover for this issue, shown here.

1:27 PM: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Brittany Cameron: Holding space for sex workers as we explore the intersections of street-based sex work and harm reduction.

11:39 AM: Los Angeles, California

Carlos Moreno: A Day for High Impact Visibility. Not all are able to be out and loud about their status, but that doesn’t make them any less resilient or brave. Let us shed our layers of stigma and shame, and unite to show how beautiful our community is.

8:16 AM: Lusaka, Zambia

Precious Kanik: I proudly say I am HIV positive. I will not allow anyone to make me feel inferior in my own skin. I am U=U.

9:45 PM: Palm Springs, California

Captain Chad Sain; Retired, USN: HIV positive since 2008, celebating life through photography and raising awareness to end the stigma.

5:00 PM: Hackensack, New Jersey

Artie M. Jordan: I’m not only a PrEP counselor and HIV tester, I also have the pleasure of being the person behind all the social media platforms here at Buddies of New Jersey. Equality for all people no matter their status or gender!

11:20 AM: Tuscumbia, Alabama

Katie Willingham: I take my meds every day and it’s no big deal; it’s just a pill. I take a multivitamin because my doctor says it’s good for me, and it’s no big deal; it’s just a pill. I take meds for depression and anxiety because mental health matters, and it’s no big deal; it’s just a pill. I take my antiretrovirals to control my HIV because it helps me to live a long, healthy life and it also prevents the spread of the virus, ending the epidemic with me. I do this every day. and it’s no big deal; it’s just a pill.

5:00 PM: Atlanta, Georgia

Eddie Wiley: I took this picture to show there’s no shame in being HIV positive. Because I’m undetectable, I can’t sexually transmit the virus!

5:03 PM: Indianapolis, Indiana

Madison Markley: Sitting in a local Starbucks. I took this photo to remind myself to fight for others, that even in public spaces I can be active in speaking out for those who may not be able to or want to speak for themselves. Education is one of the biggest barriers to having a fully inclusive environment; we could all use a day to spend speaking for and acting out for those with HIV.