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Editor's note Sep + Oct 2022

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Briefly Sep + Oct 2022

Twice-yearly lenacapavir for multidrug-resistant HIV gets European approval

Monkeypox Q&A

HIV specialist Peter Shalit answers some essential questions

Being Bridgette: ‘Just us’

Social justice needs a new framework

The Category is... Free Time

What hobbies and other activities do you enjoy?

This Issue

Shut your face

The best way to avoid HIV criminalization charges

‘She planted a seed’

Carla Davis couldn’t see the brightness of her future

One ACT UP arrest leads to a lifetime of perspective

Playwright Lee Raines looks at the ‘justice’ system


An excerpt from Lee Raines’ 10-minute play

Living post-traumatically

Poems by a woman on death row


Stigma upon stigma adds to one man’s sentence

‘Justice-involved’ is not always just

Readers write about being inside

Not a felon, but a human being

Using words to help set people free

On to the next chapter

After 18 years, PA editor Jeff Berry sets his sights on new challenges

Two-piece strategy

To end the HIV epidemic, implement proven HIV prevention strategies in the criminal justice system

IAS 2022

Global progress against HIV stalls

But many pockets of good news remain

Giving meaning to U=U

In any language, U=U is giving young people the vocabulary to empower themselves

Combination strategy

This year’s cure workshop aimed to integrate community activists, clinicians, and researchers

‘Hope’ blooms

Long-term survivor and activist Matthew Sharp reflects on news of the fifth adult to be cured of HIV—the aptly named ‘City of Hope patient’