Guidelines for people starting HIV therapy for the first time

The expert panel of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends starting antiretroviral therapy (ART) as soon as possible after HIV is diagnosed, regardless of CD4 count. Most people starting HIV treatment for the first time (treatment-naïve) should take one of the following: Biktarvy, Dovato, Triumeq, or Tivicay plus Descovy or Truvada. Go to for more information.

The following are available as co-formulated drugs

(Not a complete list)

Atripla: EFV/FTC/TDF  Biktarvy: BIC/FTC/TAF  Cimduo or Temixys: 3TC/TDF  Complera: RPV/FTC/TDF  Delstrigo: DOR/3TC/TDF  Descovy: FTC/TAF  Dovato: DTG/3TC Epzicom: ABC/3TC  Evotaz: ATV/c  Genvoya: EVG/c/FTC/TAF  Odefsey: RPV/FTC/TAF  Prezcobix: DRV/c  Stribild: EVG/c/FTC/TDF  Symfi: EFV 600 mg/3TC/TDF  Symfi Lo: EFV 400 mg/3TC/TDF  Symtuza: DRV/c/FTC/TAF  Triumeq: DTG/ABC/3TC  Truvada: FTC/TDF

Rating of recommendations

A: Strong  B: Moderate  C: Optional

Rating of evidence

  1. Data from randomized controlled trials.
  2. Data from well-designed non-randomized trials, observational cohort studies with long-term clinical outcomes, relative bioavailability/bioequivalence studies, or regimen comparisons from randomized switch studies.
  3. Expert opinion.