This Issue

Note from the Guest Editor

No more bystanders

Why are you here?

Addressing HIV demands more than scholarship. All HIV researchers need to be scholar-activists

Research on transgender people

‘We declare that research on transgender people must benefit transgender people’

Learning from experience

How to support Black leadership in the HIV movement

Perspectives on gender inclusiveness

Five points for organizations to consider

Stepping onto new stages

Gerald Garth ushers in the next generation of leadership

Black women in biomedical interventions

Leveraging existing interventions to help protect Black women

In the arts

Playwright Dominic Colón on telling diverse stories: We matter

NASTAD’s impact on health departments

Why this nonprofit has been fighting for equity for the last 30 years

Artificial intelligence, healthcare, and racial bias

How flaws in a clinical algorithm design are causing more harm than good

Powerful moments in the HIV/AIDS movement

A reflection on the beauty and strength of diversity

New approaches

Creating more effective strategies to reduce new HIV rates among Black and Latino MSM