What Can I Say?

Beautifully said [Editor’s Note, November+December]. How remarkable that HIV and its impact on our lives become smaller as we age and open ourselves up to everything else life has to offer.

—Mark S. King

I totally get it. I intentionally did not center my life around HIV, trying to avoid my diagnosis for 16 years and then using acceptance of it as impetus for rising from a professional slump over 17 years ago. The last year, though, as I have focused my research towards an MPH on HIV long-term survivors, I have had to give the disease more time and space, and being intellectually engaged without becoming emotionally overwhelmed has been a huge challenge.

—David Phillips

On the cover of a magazine

Readers responded with pride in discovering that their loved ones had been selected for one of four covers of the November+December issue, which featured pictures submitted for A Day with HIV, PA’s anti-stigma campaign.

My son has come a long way. So surprised to see his picture on the cover. So very proud of him.

—Judy Burgess

Congratulations, Dee, on making the cover. You are an inspiration.

—Darlene King