‘There are so many lessons to be learned from long-term survivors, and we hope to teach as well as learn.’

Matt Sharp, co-founder of Let’s Kick Ass, in Kicking Ass

On one hand, it’s a definite privilege that we get to worry about aging with HIV, given where we were even 15 years ago. That doesn’t allay our simultaneous concerns, however, about the special challenges we’ll confront as adults living with HIV enter their ‘golden years.’

Rick Loftus, MD, in Aging GRACIE-fully

Both currently and soon-to-be-available HCV DAAs offer much hope for people living with HIV and HCV. Cure rates look to be very similar to those of mono-infected persons, and the regimens appear to be safe to take with HIV medications and do not impact CD4 counts.

Andrew Reynolds, writer and Project Inform educator, in the AASLD Conference Update

‘It’s something easily transmissible. You don’t need to have anal sex to have anal cancer.’

Justine Almada, co-founder of the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation, in  Anal Cancer: Are You at Risk?

‘I don’t care about what people think about me living with HIV, my life is meaningful, and [just] because of [my] circumstances, you cannot judge me. I can do anything I want to do. I can be anything I want to be, and I’m powerful—and that’s what people feel when I speak.’

Maria Davis, HIV activist and speaker, in Maria Davis Speaks Out

‘There are so many chances when I am vulnerable to HIV. I have to protect myself with those things. PrEP makes me feel like I am in control. It makes me feel empowered.’

Bathabile, a Zimbabwean sex worker, in the HIVR4P Conference Update.

‘People wonder, “Why have I tried this hard if my future doesn’t look that great?” ’

Nelson Vergel, in The Cost of Long-Term Survival

This article will explain why my mindset toward PrEP for sexually active individuals and injection drug users has been transformed dramatically.

Timothy Ray Brown, known as ‘The Berlin Patient,’ in Thoughts on PrEP