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Editor's Note: September + October 2020

The Stories of Our Lives

Briefly: September + October 2020

FDA approves Rukobia. California pharmacies offer HIV prevention drugs without first-time prescription. Court upholds anti-prostitution pledge. And more.

The Category Is... Realness of the moment

What does living with HIV today look like for you? That’s the question we asked our followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They served up some honest feelings and experiences.

Positively Aware: Poz Advocate COVID-19 preparedness

Poz Advocate: COVID preparedness for people living with HIV

COVID preparedness for people living with HIV

Positively Aware: Positively Aging--The Community Needs More

Positively Aging: The community needs more

The HIV community should not marginalize long-term survivors

Front Cover Backstory: September + October 2020

Making the connection

This Issue

Plague Years

A doctor’s journey through the AIDS crisis

What does Abolition have to do with HIV decriminalization and modernization?

Working to free us all

Seeking protections for sex workers

Proposed legislation will address the harms of current laws

Fighting for our shot

How HIV activists won their fight for inclusion in a major COVID-19 vaccine study

AIDS 2020: Virtual

AIDS 2020 Virtual: When Pandemics Collide

International AIDS conference looks at the intersection of HIV and COVID-19

The ‘London patient’ is only the second person to be ‘cured’ of HIV

Top news from AIDS2020: Virtual

Highlights from the AIDS2020: Virtual conference

AIDS 2020 Virtual: Clinical Advances

Leaving behind struggles with COVID-19, there was a lot of great news for HIV treatment and prevention presented at AIDS 2020: Virtual.