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Front Cover Backstory: May + June 2020

Braving A New World

Positively Aware: Editor's note--Let's stay connected

Editor's Note: Let's stay connected

We have a basic, fundamental need as humans to connect

Briefly: May + June 2020

COVID-19 outbreak and HIV

Positively Aware: HIV and COVID-19 for long-term survivors

Positively Aging: The Life-Saving Power of Connection

Things long-term survivors of HIV can do to thrive in the era of COVID-19

The category is... Self-care realness

What are you doing for self-care during the COVID-19 pandemic?

PA30: Three decades of Positively Aware

Empowering people living with HIV with support and information

This Issue

The Effects of HIV/AIDS on Aging: Still unclear

Why do some thrive while others struggle? Here’s what researchers know

Struggling with COPD

My Sister’s Fight for Air

COVID-19, Black America, and The Deadly Cycle of Racism

AIDS Foundation of Chicago

COVID-19 Q&A with David Alain Wohl, MD

COVID-19 and HIV Q&A with Dr. David Wohl

An infectious disease specialist who witnessed the Ebola epidemic offers insight into the current pandemic

Sex and pleasure in the time of COVID-19

Pickett Fences: Love the One You’re With – Sex and Pleasure in the time of COVID-19

So HOW IN THE HELL do we talk about sex and pleasure now?

DailyLookChallenge: Using social media, art, and creativity in the time of COVID-19


Using social media, art, and creativity to lift us all up

Positively Aware: HIV treatment through telehealth

The Undiscovered Country

How telehealth is taking HIV care into new territory

Positively Aware: CROI 2020 Fatty Tissues

Fatty (t)issues

Weight gain and HIV medications

Positively Aware: CROI 2020 Community Cure Workshop

Advance Work

2020 Pre-CROI Community HIV Cure Research Workshop

CROI 2020

Virtuosity at CROI 2020

Leading HIV conference goes virtual in a time of coronavirus outbreak

Taking meds monthly—or possibly once a year

A look at drugs in development for HIV treatment and prevention

New long-acting drugs in development

Trend towards long-acting HIV medications continues