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Note from the Hepatitis C Editor

Lessons learned

Briefly Jul + Aug 2022

FDA lifts clinical hold on lenacapavir

Being Bridgette: You are not how you feel

If you are living with HIV, you’re allowed to feel what you feel

Poz Advocate: Strategic victory

How a federal court’s ruling to end military discrimination against service members living with HIV affects all of us

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First aid for mental health

Creating calm in the clinic

Acting up for people who use drugs

The struggle continues

My journey to wellness

A change of view leads to a new outlook on life

Behind the cover: I chose to live

‘I chose to live’: Overcoming hepatitis and other challenges

Hepatitis Drug Guide

HCV co-pay and resources

Hepatitis C co-pay and patient assistance programs

Hepatitis B—An overview

A cheat sheet from Andrew Reynolds on the most common infectious disease in the world

Hepatitis B medications

Preferred regimens based on AASLD treatment guidelines

Black Box Warning

Hepatitis B reactivation

Hepatitis D: Keeping an eye on a new viral infection of the liver

What to know about another type of hepatitis