We all have a stake in overcoming disparities in HIV treatment, care and research. That was the focus of POSITIVELY AWARE’s Spring 2022 special issue on diversity, equity, and inclusion. All in was the main cover line, making the point that we all need to be all in—fully committed and fully engaged if there’s to be change. Those words resonated with playwright Dominic Colón, who appeared on one of the two versions of the cover, along with Tonia Poteat, associate professor of Social Medicine at the University of North Carolina System in Durham, NC. Candace Y.A. Montague signed on as guest editor for the issue, bringing aboard a diverse group of writers. The response to the special issue reflected the need for the values of DEI in all aspects of HIV work.

Transgender actor, activist, and educator Alexandra Billings has a history with POSITIVELY AWARE and TPAN, the community-based nonprofit HIV/AIDS service organization that publishes the magazine. So, Billings was happy to take time out after teaching her students in Long Beach, California to pose for the cover story for the May+June issue. 

Louise Moon, who did Billings’ hair and makeup for the shoot, emailed afterward, “Thank you so much! It was such a beautiful day. She looks really relaxed and beautiful in these photos! I look forward to reading the interview!”

“To be in the same magazine as Alexandra Billings is just thrilling! I’m excited to read,” wrote Jill Blumenthal, MD MAS, who also appears in the issue, for her work on hormone therapy and PrEP for transgender individuals.