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Editor's Note Jan+Feb 2021

Finding home in a pandemic

Briefly Jan+Feb 2021

Long-acting injectable PrEP effective for cisgender women

The Category Is Jan+Feb 2021

New year realness

Positively Aware: Poz Advocate-It's a new day for people living with HIV

Poz Advocate: It’s a new day for people living with HIV in America

It’s a new day for people living with HIV in America

Positively Aging

Still advocating after all these years

In This Issue

The testers are being tested

How HIV testing sites are adapting to the COVID pandemic

Surviving and thriving during another epidemic

The role of diet and exercise in the era of COVID-19

Exercising self-care

Relaxation and writing exercises toward healing

Dr. Rob Garofalo with his yorkie, Fred

A dog’s power to heal

A new photo book illustrates how a dog’s unconditional love can transform the lives of people living with HIV

U=U, and V=V

A look at the vulnerabilities behind detectable virus

How women of color living with HIV helped win the election

Building on the power of the HIV community, Vote Positive USA is ready for more

Who’s Zoomin’ who?

Etiquette for a new era of video chat