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A chronicle of the epidemic, 30 years in the making

Positively Aware The Conversation

The Conversation

A reader’s own ‘Note to My Younger Self’


Pregnancy and dolutegravir; AIDS Quilt finds a new home; survey on women living with HIV; and more

This Issue

Born Free

Lynnea Lawson was born with HIV, and gave birth to a daughter who is HIV-negative

Twin epidemics

Vertical transmission of hepatitis C and congenital syphilis: What you need to know for prevention, treatment, and maternal and child health

PrEP battles for the vagina

Research for cisgender women and adolescent girls is underway to help determine vaginal protection with Descovy for PrEP


Viral hepatitis treatment access, elimination, and patient and provider advocacy

The Category Is... How has living with HIV affected your desire to have a family?

That was the question we put to our followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and they shared their feelings and experiences.

Scenes from the bNAb revolution

An update on research for prevention, treatment, and cure using broadly neutralizing antibodies

Long-acting and vaccine research moves forward

New options for prevention and treatment

Positively Aging: Connecting past to future

Long-term survivors share their stories, discuss strategies for the year ahead

PA 30: Thirty Years of Positively Aware

Hope and redemption: Q&A with Celeste Watkins-Hayes

Research on women points to the importance of safety nets for everyone

Tired of the way things are

Former Positively Aware associate editor Keith R. Green, PhD, MSW notes that while much in the world of HIV/AIDS has changed since an editor’s passing, a lot has not