PA makes room at the U.S. Conference on AIDS

More than 3,000 advocates and activists gathered in September in Orlando for the U.S. Conference on AIDS, organized by NMAC (formerly the National Minority AIDS Council).

The four-day conference addressed issues such as PrEP and PEP, aging and long-term survivors, the opioid epidemic, and trauma-informed care.

PA editor-in-chief Jeff Berry and art director Rick Guasco attended the conference. Berry helped lead a discussion on the issues and needs of long-term survivors for The Reunion Project. Guasco was part of NMAC’s cohort of attendees over age 50, and helped stage a rousing presentation called The Survivor Monologues.

The TPAN/POSITIVELY AWARE booth also made an impression. With a luxuriously ornate sofa and decorative chairs provided by Andee’s Thrift Shop in Orlando, the booth was furnished more like a living room, creating an engaging conversation space that attracted conference goers.