Colorful ethnic murals are scattered throughout Pilsen, a predominently Latino neighborhood in Chicago. Portions of three murals are featured in this issue of POSITIVELY AWARE—on the cover, the contents spread on pages 4 and 5, and on page 28 of the print edition—photographed by John Gress. Another example of a wall making a statement is the Declaration of Immigration. No human being is illegal, asserts the mural. Underscoring that message is Gilberto (“Beto”) Soberanis, 31 (left), diagnosed HIV-positive in 2003, and recently out as undocumented. Soberanis and his family came from the Mexican city of Guerrero, crossing the border on foot in 2006. Although his family has since returned to Mexico, Soberanis remains in the U.S., having been granted Deferred Action for Early Childhood Arrival a few years ago. He is active in Chicago’s HIV community, working to overcome stigma and helping to raise funds for HIV organizations.

 —Rick Guasco