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Jeff Berry in 1989

Editor's Note

Note to my younger self.

Front Cover Backstory

The Conversation

Changing with age. Getting the HIV Drug Guide in print.


Biktarvy and antacids. Descovy FDA hearing. Updated guidelines for transgender individuals. Biktarvy and kids. PrEP4Love. Michael Johnson freed.

This Issue

The Basics

Building blocks for a healthy life, with insights from a nurse educator

Partners to the End

Public-private partnerships for a vaccine sustain a global response to help end HIV

Terms of Art

Understanding HIV-related terminology with a glossary

IAS 2019 Conference Update

HIV meds just four days a week?

And other conference highlights including new long-acting drug GS-6207; PrEP on demand; HIV treatment = prevention.

Dolutegravir during pregnancy

Based on new data, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended dolutegravir as a preferred HIV drug for all populations living with HIV, including pregnant women and those wanting to conceive.

Conference Notes

Fostemsavir; long-acting injectable; vaginal ring

Highlights from the IAS HBV/HIV Cure Research Forum

Current and new strategies to achieve HBV and HIV cure, and synergies between the two fields.


Finding hope in ‘Crystal City’

A new documentary about gay men, meth, and HIV

The Category Is…

What advice would you give to someone who just learned they’re living with HIV?

Positively Aging: Bringing Work Back to Life

Bringing Work Back to Life

Advocating for employment health

Employ This Advice

The Reunion Project Feeback Report