Changing with age

Since receiving your special issue on aging, I’ve read through it several times. The point you make regarding our health care system being unprepared to address the “premature” aging problems of long-term survivors is accurate in my experience.

 I am a 30-year survivor of HIV. I’ll be 81 in November, and have experienced many of the problems discussed in your issue. I have begun to have my life change because of constant tiredness and weakness (frailty) accompanied by neurocognitive impairment (brain fog) that has affected my memory and my ability to concentrate.

 I’m fortunate to live with a loving wife (she is HIV negative) who is my best friend and has made a huge difference in my life. She also is beginning to be affected by her own age-related problems that affect her memory and her joints (arthritis) that are causing her progressive disability. We are both active exercisers and continue to enjoy the challenge of golf even though our game is compromised.

 I’m proud to report that we are still self-sufficient and experience joy in our life. Even though we frequently mention our readiness to “cross over,” our comments are made with a smile. We have accepted our fate and try to enjoy each day as it arrives.

 All things considered, I remain thankful for the emerging medical care that has given me a relatively “normal” life span.

 —Jere Erickson

Getting the HIV drug Guide In print

I’m writing because I love using the HIV Drug Guide published by Positively Aware. I cannot find the 2019 printed guide, and I’d like to use it for training purposes. The online version doesn’t include everything on one page, so participants can’t use it as a reference after the training. How can I order a few copies of the 2019 HIV Drug Guide printed version? Or, if it’s easier, order the back issue of Positively Aware that includes the drug guide. Your help is greatly appreciated.

—Tonia Poteat, PhD, MPH, PA-C

UNC Center for Health Equity Research

Editor Jeff Berry responds:

Hi Tonia, it’s nice to hear from you, and I hope you’re doing well. I’m so glad to hear that you find the HIV Drug Guide useful for training purposes and as a reference. You can order them using the link below; click on “HIV Drug Guide,” and then click “configure.” Let me know if you have any problems or need anything else.

Dr. Poteat responds:

This is super helpful. Thank you so much! And yes, Positively Aware is one of the most useful publications that I receive! :)