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Behind the covers: One issue, three foldout covers

For Positively Aware’s annual anti-stigma campaign, this issue offers three versions of the cover featuring photos from A Day with HIV.

The Conversation

Equity in vaccine development needs to be at the forefront

The Category Is: Overcoming

What have you done to overcome HIV stigma?

Being Bridgette: Something new under the sun

Looking at your well-being

POZ Advocate: Stigma - A pox on all our houses

The message continues to be difficult

This Issue

Barlesque: Sexy for ourselves

Celebrating life as a community

Yes, undocumented immigrants can get free PrEP

But legal confusion continues to feed the HIV epidemic

A new world can be scary

Public health and individual privacy

Concerns about individual privacy surround the use of molecular HIV surveillance

A call for improved care and better living while aging with HIV

The Glasgow Manifesto demands better care, improved quality of life and empowerment for people aging with HIV

The big picture

Bringing a message of hope to life

Special Section: A day with HIV 2022

Everyday moments in extraordinary lives

Snapshots from around the world tell the story of ‘A Day with HIV’


24 hours in the lives of people affected by HIV