Snapshots from around the world tell the story of ‘A Day with HIV’

The day got off to a different start, depending on where you were. Ángel Luis Hernández in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, was busy directing volunteer emergency assistance efforts in the wake of Hurricane Fiona having hit the island. Ferd Garcia was enjoying a beautiful morning in California’s wine country as he walked his dog Lana. In England, London police officer Steve Thornhill was starting his shift. Activist Cameron Brittany had just stepped out of the shower, pushing back against the stigma of a person’s HIV status. It was Wednesday, September 22, 2022—A Day with HIV.

Positively Aware’s annual anti-stigma campaign coincides with the first day of autumn, signifying a change of seasons, and in some cultures, a change in thinking. Now in its 13th year, A Day with HIV depicts a single 24-hour period in the lives of people affected by HIV—regardless of their status.

The campaign is meant to normalize living with HIV. On A Day with HIV, everyone everywhere is encouraged to take a snapshot of their day and post it to their social media with a caption that includes the time and location of their photo, what inspired them to take it and the hashtag #adaywithhiv.

About 250 pictures were posted across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and uploaded to the campaign’s website, This year, two dozen countries—the most ever—were represented in photos. 

A number of photos were submitted from Latin America, the result of enthusiastic Instagram followers in South America who asked to promote the campaign. The result: a dozen photos with captions in Spanish accompanied by the hashtag #UnDiaConElVIH. A couple photos from Brazil were posted in Portuguese, the country’s official language. (The captions of these photos appear here in their original language, followed by the English translation.)

The photos capture personal moments of joy, accomplishment, vulnerability and daily routine. And as the day came to an end, there were moments of reflection and resilience. 

In Detroit, Calire Gasamageria said, “Resilience is bringing back to our awareness good memories of foods, people and places to get through tough times.”

Ana Oliveira in Greater Manchester, England ended her day by taking her HIV medication. “I hope this picture reaches those who are afraid to start or continue antiretroviral treatment,” she said.

“Doing one of the things I love—traveling!” said Evany Turk, taking her picture at an airport terminal in Chicago. “Living in gratitude, love and peace. It’s been amazing seeing all the photos today. Love y’all!”

Search for images using the hashtag #adaywithhiv on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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