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Transgender actor Alexandra Billings leaning against a tree while posing for a photographer

Behind the cover

A lesson in community

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Editor's note May+Jun 2022

The state of HIV and aging

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Briefly May+Jun 2022

Cabenuva long-acting injectable no longer requires a month of oral lead-in medication

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Being Bridgette

Humanizing science

Illustration of different pairings of older couples

The Category Is: Sex and aging with HIV

How has aging with HIV affected your sex life?

This Issue

the shape of a heart, formed by the hands of an elderly man

Sex, love, and dating over 60 with HIV

Sex, love, and dating over 60 with HIV

illustration of a pair of hands opening a medicine bottle with a degree of difficulty

When HIV therapy fails: For treatment-experienced individuals who are experiencing virologic failure

Key considerations and recommendations from the HIV treatment guidelines of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

The web page of the DHHS HIV treatment guidelines appears on a tablet device being held by  hands

When HIV therapy fails: That’s not all, folks

An explanation of some of the technical language in the DHHS’ HIV treatment guidelines

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When HIV therapy fails: Terms of ART

A treatment glossary

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ANCHOR study

Anal cancer screening proves effective

Positively Aware: This Time for Alexandra Billings

This time for Alexandra Billings

The accomplished actor talks about her new memoir, and how there are gifts in chaos

Water gushing from a broken pipe

When HIV therapy fails

Some basic information from U.S. treatment guidelines

Virtual Croi 2022

man holding up an at-home COVID-19 test

Virtual CROI 2022: Testing and treating

Highlights from Virtual CROI 2022

female hand holding up a dapivirine ring

Virtual CROI 2022: The dapivirine ring vs. the FDA

This PrEP method is still a desirable option in the U.S. for cisgender women

resistance, pushing against oncoming arrows

The NADIA study

Second-line treatment recommendations

picture of Marc Thompson

HIV and aging at CROI

‘There are many added layers and dimensions to consider’

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Report from the community HIV cure research workshop

HIV cure research highlights