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Faces of a new generation

Positively Aware The Conversation

The Conversation May & June 2018

Kudos for the HIV Drug Guide

Positively Aware Editor's Note

EDITOR’S NOTE May & June 2018

I believe the children are our future

Positively Aware Briefly

Briefly May & June 2018

FDA approves new HIV drug, Trogarzo


Milestones of a Mississippi Man

A college student from the South and his quest to become a force for change

Crossing borders

Connecting the lives and hearts of young people living with HIV

‘Nothing about Us without Us’

Sexual health education for youth

Stigma shock

A young intern arrives from New Zealand and learns a lesson about HIV ignorance

‘Working with patience and compassion’

Tranisha Arzah is a fierce advocate for women, transwomen, and their families

Adherence through social media

Taking my HIV meds one Instagram post at a time

Finding life After Louie

Struggling with survivor’s guilt, a long-term survivor rediscovers love

No shame in Sin Vergüenza

A bilingual telenovela targets HIV stigma

HIV criminalization laws hinder prevention efforts

Outdated and misinformed laws harm public health

CROI 2018


A look at some of the HIV drug and prevention strategies, and more presented at CROI 2018

Hepatitis C treatment as prevention reduces transmission rate by half among HIV-positive men MSM

Transmission rate by half among HIV-positive men MSM

Positively Aware mental health CROI

Mental health gets special emphasis at CROI 2018

Strategies for a cure