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Positively Aging: The Gift of Choice

Inter-generational conversations have a power of their own

The 24th Annual Drug Guide


Our 2020 HIV Drug Guide Contributors

The Waxing and Waning of HIV Drugs

Medications come and go, but the goal is still the same

Getting the Most Out of Your Drug Guide

Tips for using this guide

Choice Options

DHHS Guidelines for people starting HIV therapy for the first time

HIV Life Cycle

Different drug classes interrupt the virus from replicating at various stages

Picking Up the Tab

HIV treatment can be costly, but there’s help

2020 HIV Drug Chart

A quick guide to the most commonly used HIV medications

Positively Aware: An A to Z listing of the medications in the 2019 HIV Drug Guide.

Find Your 2020 HIV Drug Here

An A to Z listing of the drugs in the 2020 HIV Drug Guide

Positively Aware: A sneak peak at new HIV meds in development

What's Cooking?

A sneak peak at some of the new drugs coming soon


Weighty Concerns

What we know for now about weight gain with HIV medications

PA 30: Making the Cover

PA’s former and current art directors look back at what inspired them to design the cover of the drug guide

Positively Aware: Sexual transmission of hep C

What's New?

The latest on sexual transmission of hep C

Positively Aware: Hep C harm reduction tips

Harm Reduction Tips to Reduce your Risk for Hepatitis C

10 ways to stay safer