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Positively Aware Guest Editors Note

Guest Editor's Note Jul+Aug 2020

Intersections of health and social disparities: Viral hepatitis, COVID-19, and police violence

Positively Aware The Conversation

The Conversation: Jul+Aug 2020

‘Living with this chronic condition’

Briefly: Jul+Aug 2020

PrEP progress

Activist Matt Sharp with his beloved rescue dog Betty.

Positively Aging: 'We have to keep on being persistent.’

Veteran AIDS activist talks about facing the coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of a long-term survivor of HIV.

Glen Pietrandoni, RPh, AAHIVP, exemplifies the qualities of a PA30 Champion

PA30: Defining champions

Our “PA30 Champions” celebrates those who have helped pave the way for others and who help inspire the champion within each of us.

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Like HIV, COVID-19 underscores disparities

Another pandemic shows the effects of discrimination on vulnerable groups

Until we are all free

If we center the communities located at the intersection of all systems of oppression, we can build a future where everyone can meet their need.

Not your basic bodega

An innovative hepatitis C clinic takes a different approach

Observations of an HIV doc

HIV care focuses on healthy aging, not just younger people

The 8th Annual Hepatitis Drug Guide

New CDC recommendation: Test everyone for hepatitis C

Testing during pregnancy also becomes more important


Frequently asked questions about hepatitis C

Positively Aware: Hepatitis C Medications

Hepatitis C Direct-Acting Antivirals (DAAs) new

Preferred regimens based on AASLD treatment guidelines

Hep C co-pay programs and other resources

Hepatitis C co-pay and patient assistance programs

Hepatitis B—An overview

A cheat sheet from Andrew Reynolds on the most common infectious disease in the world

Positively Aware: Hepatitis B Medications

Hepatitis B medications

By class and preferred regimens

Hepatitis B reactivation

Black box warning

Hepatitis B patient assistance programs and other resources

Hepatitis B Medication Patient Assistance Programs

Ten ways to love your liver 2020

Health and wellness tips for living well with HBV

Hepatitis A: What you need to know

It’s not normally fatal, but hep A can lead to death for someone with liver disease

Handwashing when you have no sink—or home

Preventing hepatitis A and COVID-19

Forgotten risk

Hepatitis B prevention for people who inject drugs

After the cure: Taking care of your liver

A hepatitis C cure almost always results in improved liver health, but there is more to do to stay healthy