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Hepatitis Elimination: Back to Basics

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Photographing this issue's cover

Positively Aware The Conversation

The Conversation

AIDS in 1982; Drug Charts in prison

Positively Aware Briefly


Monthly injectable HIV med on the way; HIV pharma sued over pricing practices; Australian PrEP advocate talks about his new HIV status; ​​​​tenofovir class action lawsuits

This Issue

Losing your disability payments

An advocate at the Legal Council for Health Justice, Marina Kurakin, MSW, MFA outlines how you can protect yourself in a Social Security review

Positively Aging: A night that was ‘For All Ages’

Older and younger folks living with HIV share their experiences

The 7th Annual Hepatitis Drug Guide

How to use this guide

Drug names, drug class, genotype and more

Your liver and hepatitis

Liver functions, fibrosis, and cirrhosis

Medication bottles

Hepatitis C direct-acting antivirals

Preferred regimens based on AASLD treatment guidelines located at

Hepatitis C and HIV 2019

Recent reports looking at syphilis, overdose deaths, and sexual transmission

Hepatitis B—an overview

A cheat sheet from Andrew Reynolds on the most common infectious disease in the world

A forgotten risk

Hepatitis B prevention for people who inject drugs

Hepatitis B reactivation

Black Box Warning

Hepatitis B & C resources

Resources, services, and information

What you need to know about hepatitis A

Although not normally fatal, hep A can lead to death for those with liver disease

The FAQs of hepatitis C

Six things you should know about hepatitis C

Hepatitis C treatment for people with HCV/HIV co-infection

Key points for people living with HIV and HCV.

Helping providers treat people with hepatitis C, HIV, and other conditions

Project ECHO reviews cases, provides insurance codes, and more

Ten ways to love your liver

Health and wellness tips for living well with HBV and HCV

HBV medication

Hepatitis B medications

By class and preferred regimens