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Guest Co-Editor’s Note

With the power to transform comes the need for transformation

Getting started

What individuals and care providers should know as they consider long-acting injectable treatment—‘make it as simple as possible,’ says Dr. Hyman Scott

Why I switched from a daily pill to long-acting PrEP

Being prepared for unexpected moments

New possibilities

Snapshots of HIV prevention and treatment drugs under development

Freedom to choose

Three public health experts discuss what we need to succeed

Want to start long-acting injectable HIV treatment? Become your own advocate!

Be patient and persistent; anything new takes time


Long-acting HIV treatment frees Jayr Washington from worry and self-stigma


Making good on the potential of long-acting injectables for Black communities

Making a SPLASH

For people living with HIV who are experiencing homelessness or unstable housing, long-acting injectable treatment holds great promise—how Ward 86 makes it work

What trans folks should consider

Hormone therapy appears safe with injectables, but other questions remain

Guest Co-Editor's Note

Beyond injectables