Positively Aware: Surviving two pandemics (HIV and COVID-19)

Note from the Guest Editors

Surviving two pandemics

Positively Aware: Support for the journey

Support for the journey

Three women’s unique perspectives on long-term HIV survival

Positively Aware: Two transgender activists on resilience

Layers of resilience

Two transgender activists of color share how they support their communities—and themselves

Positively Aware: Weathering many storms

Weathering many storms

A clinical psychologist examines the physical effects of discrimination and other traumas

Positively Aware: Dangerous Crossroads

Dangerous crossroads

A therapist and long-term survivor surveys the intersections of addiction, isolation, COVID-19, and aging with HIV

Positively Aware: Kerry Thomas

Fighting to stay well behind the walls

Two pandemics meet within the broken U.S. prison health system

Positively Aware: Finding Black pleasure

Finding Black pleasure

‘Growing up poz’ is just one aspect of this young Black queer long-term survivor’s journey

Positively Aware: Creating safe spaces

Creating spaces of care

Two programs help gay men of color living with HIV weave new social connections in older age

Positively Aware: Reprocessing trauma

Reprocessing trauma with EMDR

A therapeutic technique with potential to support long-term HIV survivors

Positively Aware: Trying my best over 50

Trying my best at 50 (and beyond)

A 20-plus-year HIV survivor shares his six-point plan for feeling and living well after 50