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Positively Aware Editor's Note

Editor's Note

HIV Is Not a Crime and Me

Front Cover Backstory

Advocates assemble in Atlanta

The Conversation

Deploy, or get out’—An army doctor’s perspective


Symtuza approved by the FDA


Ending Criminalization of HIV

Having experienced his own ordeal, activist Robert Suttle adamantly believes we are destined to win

He said, she said—and what the law says

A doctor who works with people with HIV who are incarcerated looks at two cases

A Matter Of Culture and Rights

Two activists discuss decriminalization efforts in Mexico and the U.S.

Crossroads: HIV and Social Justice

Q&A with The Sero Project’s Sean Strub

Prison Health Is Public Health

The case for testing and treating hepatitis C in prisons

Learning To Stay 2GETHER

How to have a good relationship as a male couple

Howling Out Art Through Eyes Of Love

Artist Michael Payne’s work gets published at AIDS 2018Artist Michael Payne’s work gets published at AIDS 2018

AIDS 2018

Musings from Amsterdam

A brief recap of my week at AIDS 2018

Vaccine still kicking

Mosaic HIV vaccine shows immune responses one year after final vaccination