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The power of laughter

Briefly | May + Jun 2024

UNAIDS: HIV care helps other conditions

The Category is: Laughter

Being Bridgette: Humor me

This Issue

Standup act

Two professional comedians share their experiences living with HIV

Butt of the joke

Using humor to reduce stigma and stifle the surge in STIs

Reaching T.K.

'God willing, we will meet again in Spaceballs 2!'

Anal cancer awareness

12 years and counting

Cured through a stem cell transplant, Marc Franke—first known as ‘the Düsseldorf patient’—reflects on his journey since then

2024 CROI Conference Update

Two pills a week or two shots a month

At the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, news on long-acting therapy includes an exciting advance over adherence problems

What’s new in HIV cure research

New paths, but still a long way to go

‘A lack of respect’ by HIV scientists

Activists send letter to CROI organizers demanding action after many attendee leave opening plenary early during speech by Ugandan gay activist

Diabetes drug reduces liver fat by nearly a third for PLWH

But more research is needed on the long-term implications of semaglutide

Four children have achieved remission—what does that mean for babies with HIV?

Dr. Deborah Persaud explains how a clinical trial may open new treatment options for newborns