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In mailboxes, pharmacies, medical offices and elsewhere, the annual HIV Drug Guide and the 2023 HIV Drug Chart could be found, and readers shared their enthusiasm.

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In Friendship

Briefly | May + June 2023

Doxy-PEP cuts STI cases

The Category Is: Support network

If you’re living with HIV, do you have a support network—friends or loved ones—you can turn to when you need care?

Positive Aging: Meds and labs: By the numbers

How understanding your lab test results can help you stay healthy

POZ Advocate: Tipping the scales on PrEP

How a conservative Texas judge’s ruling threatens HIV prevention nationwide

Being Bridgette: Authenticity

Showing up as who you truly are takes effort, but it’s worth it

This Issue

Taking care of our own

I’m still standing

Reflections on surviving several bouts of cancer, while living with HIV

Unreliable sources

Amid COVID-19, misinformation and disinformation target HIV

Another survey with HIV long-term survivors

Another survey with HIV long-term survivors: Have we learned anything new?

CROI 2023

CROI 2023: Diversity in studies and community input in cure research today

Highlights from the 2023 Pre-CROI Community HIV Cure Workshop

CROI 2023: Sex talk at CROI

Beating off STIs with DOXYVAC, doxy-PEP, Apretude, vaginal ring, implant and booty butter

Partners in Research: Part II

Active involvement

People living with HIV share their experiences as cure research participants

Actively involvement: Clark Hawley

Feeling good about being part of the scientific process

Actively involvement: Anonymous

An HIV-negative partner’s perspective

Actively involvement: Richard Strange

Serial ATI participation

Actively involvement: Thomas J. Villa

ATI: ‘A trial interruptus’