In mailboxes, pharmacies, medical offices and elsewhere, the annual HIV Drug Guide and the 2023 HIV Drug Chart could be found, and readers shared their enthusiasm.

“I went to my medical care provider this week, and look what I found in the waiting room.”

—Dan, Oakland, California

“Received mine in the mail yesterday! Love the cover… a couple friends are there: Timothy S. Jackson and D D’Ontace Keyes.”

—Wanda Brendle-Moss

“The poster was in the exam room yesterday.”

—DavidMichael Phillips

Got my copy of PA today! The 27th annual Drug Guide issue is fabulous! Well done!

—Jess Wiederholt

“Looks great. We got ours last week.”


“Best issue of the year!”


“The cover says Out and About. I was out and about, and lo and behold! At the doctor’s office when I saw myself and PA.”

—Sanford E. Gaylord