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The people behind the 2022 HIV Drug Guide

HIV life cycle

Different drug classes interrupt the virus from replicating at various stages

DHHS Recommendations

Guidelines for people starting HIV therapy for the first time

Looking ahead

What’s on the horizon—new drugs in development

Investigational new drugs


Statement about Paxlovid for people with HIV on antiretroviral therapy

Help is out there

HIV treatment can be costly, but there’s help

Every Issue

Positively Aware: Editor's Note--Gratitude

Editor's note Mar+Apr 2022


Being Bridgette

The problem is how you see the problem

A photo of the diverse group of people who are on the cover of the 2022 HIV Drug Guide

Behind the cover

A look at the 11 people living with HIV and care providers in the field of HIV who came together for the cover of the 2020 HIV Drug Guide.

Poz Advocate

The agony of defeat—and delayed drug development

12 things to know about HIV treatment

When you should start HIV treatment, what does it do, and other essential questions answered.

HIV Drug Guide

Positively Aware: HIV Drug Classes

Drug Class List

An A-to-Z listing of the medications in the drug guide.