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Positively Aware The Conversation

The Conversation Mar+Apr 2017

A ‘Reunion’ in South Florida

Positively Aware Editor's Note

Editor's Note Mar+Apr 2017

Growing Pains


Positively Aware To Speak or Not to Speak

To Speak or Not to Speak

HIV stigma and the consequences of silence

Positively Aware Hepatitis C Treatment for Co-Infection

Hep C Treatment for Co-Infection

Key points for people living with HIV and HCV

The 21st Annual HIV Drug Guide

Positively Aware State of the ART

State of the Art

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) continues to get better, safer and easier, and we’ll see new developments in 2017. Dr. John Gallant outlines initial therapy recommendations, options for simplification and switching medications, new drugs in the pipeline, and some experimental ART strategies.

Positively Aware Standard Practice

Standard Practice

DHHS HIV treatment guidelines for first-time therapy

Positively Aware The Art of Treating HIV 2017

The Art of Treating HIV

A look at the benefits of antiretroviral therapy and recommendations

The 21st Annual HIV Drug Guide

A handbook of the medications prescribed for treating HIV—with comments from a specialist and an HIV activist.

Positively Aware Down the Road

Down the Road

New drugs, new treatment strategies, and other changes coming your way

Positively Aware Know Where to Look

Know Where to Look

Finding assistance programs to help pay for your meds