How often do you use condoms?

My partner and I are monogamous and HIV-positive, both virally suppressed, so we choose not to use condoms. 

Some of the time. It’s too easy to lose yourself in the moment.

Never. I have an undetectable viral load and 575 T-cells, and go for a check-up every six months.

Most of the time. Straight woman here. I’ve had sex with several men over the years, including with ones I had only known for a few hours. I always used condoms. I have had HPV several times, but that’s been it as far as STIs. Also, I got married in my 40s and had two kids (no medical help necessary in getting pregnant). Condoms worked for me as birth control as well!

As an HIV-positive male in a serodiscordant relationship, not using a condom is not an option!

Never. Why?

Never. I have an undetectable viral load and am in a stable magnetic relationship.

Rarely. Just into jacking off the other guy and oral.

Most of the time. My primary partner and I are non-monogamous. We don’t always use condoms with each other, but we always use condoms with other people.

Rarely. Most gay men have stopped using condoms after 30 years. We need to accept that reality. TASP and PrEP work, so we should be using them, rather than making people feel guilty. Sex should be fun, and people living with HIV deserve to have fun sex like everybody else.

Never. I’m not arguing that it’s a good decision, but being on PrEP helps.

Rarely. I prefer not to, but I let my partner make the decision based on his comfort level. I’m on PrEP.

Rarely. I only use them if the other guy puts one on him or me.

Never. I’m on birth control with a mutually monogamous partner. But condom use would increase to all of the time if any of that were to change.

Rarely. I serosort with other undetectable poz men.

Never. They don’t feel good. It’s not really sex; it’s simulated sex. I’d rather masturbate than use them.

Some of the time. I’m on PrEP, and depending on the partner, after careful discussion, I sometimes choose not to use one.

Rarely. I’m HIV-positive and serosort with other HIV-positives who are healthy and undetectable.

Rarely. Poz and undetectable, so I let my negative partners determine whether they want me to use condoms or not. I actively encourage HIV-negative potential partners to be on PrEP.

Rarely. As a straight guy who is a non-drug user and positive, I know it is less risky. I hope we all can someday live without this human disease.

For intercourse, always. Had a few occasions of [condomless] oral, but I usually insist a girl uses a hat, even though they say it’s not necessary just for this. A straight guy and recovering addict from heroin, coke, and alcohol, clean since 8/6/96! HIV-positive since ‘94 and as the Simple Minds song says, alive and kicking!

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