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Behind the cover: ‘Out’ in the open

The private journey to being seen as a person living with HIV

The Conversation

Losing ground

Note from the Acting Editor in Chief

Living from one breakthrough to the next

The Category is: Joy

If you’re living with HIV, what gives you joy?

Being Bridgette : ‘Those conversations’

Talking about the ‘D’ word—disclosure

HIV Drug Guide


The people behind the 2023 HIV Drug Guide

HIV life cycle

Different drug classes interrupt the virus from replicating at various stages

A guide to the Drug Guide

Plus, a few things to know about HIV treatment

DHHS Recommendations

Guidelines for people starting HIV therapy for the first time

Drug Class list

An A-to-Z listing of the medications in the drug guide.

Help is out there

HIV treatment can be costly, but there’s help

This Issue

Ask your ‘ph-riendly’ neighborhood pharmacist

A pharmacist does more than fill your prescription; they are a resource who can help get you more engaged in care

Infant feeding

How updated guidelines help parents living with HIV

What makes HIV such a retro-virus?

Implications for treatment and cure

An HIV cure? Not today

Understanding the complexities of HIV and why a cure isn’t coming soon is key to developing strategies for an eventual cure

That was then, this is now

Twenty-seven years later, Sylvia and Sanford reflect on having appeared on the cover of our first HIV drug guide