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Front Cover Backstory: March & April 2019

The experience is your own, but you’re not alone in the room

Positively Aware The Conversation

The Conversation: March & April 2019

Mixed emotions for a long-term survivor. Peer education in prison. Loving the HIV drug guides and charts. 

Positively Aging: Beginnings

New collaboration focuses on practical solutions for long-term survivors and older adults living with HIV

The 23rd Annual HIV Drug Guide

Opening Credits

Contributors to the 2019 HIV Drug Guide

And the Nominees Are…

A quick look at the recommendations for first-time therapy

Positively Aware: Rising to the occasion

Rising to the Occasion

DHHS guideline recommendations for first-time therapy in HIV

When Drugs Collide!

Understanding drug interactions

Supporting Role

HIV treatment can be costly, but there’s help

Your Map to the Stars

Getting the most out of your drug guide

An Ensemble Cast

How different drug classes play their part in the HIV lifecycle

Coming Attractions

A sneak peak at some of the new drugs coming soon


Cliffhanger For A Cure

Are we ready for a cure for HIV? Of course we are, aren’t we?

On With the Show!

Moving beyond your diagnosis—finding a provider, knowing your rights, and more