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Behind the cover: Birthday photos

This wasn’t how Daniel J. Downer expected to celebrate his birthday

The Category Is: Community

Note from the Acting Editor in Chief

Community is where you make it

Briefly Jan+Feb 2023

New option for treatment-experienced PLWH—FDA approves twice-yearly injectable Sunlenca

Being Bridgette: Telling your tale

Showing people who we are

This Issue

Giving back

In doing for others, we often do for ourselves

Is HIV-associated wasting still a concern today?

A long-forgotten disease continues under the radar

We’re all in this boat together

Reflections from the 17th annual Poz Cruise

In convo with the community

Daniel J. Downer builds capacity through his Bros in Convo Initiative

Making the connection

Through partnerships with other local organizations, Downer sees 2023 as a time of continued growth for Bros in Convo.

Soul work

Asha Molok and Rae Lewis-Thornton and the legacy of storytelling

Southern gospel

Exploring personal truth through poetry

Sweet tea

Excerpt from an interview with author and scholar E. Patrick Johnson on the Black South

‘And now he’s gone’

Excerpt from E. Patrick Johnson’s Sweet Tea—A Play

CDC updates its opioid prescribing guideline

Earlier version created harm after being twisted by outside forces

Determining the needs of people aging with HIV

Results of a national survey—conducted by people aging with HIV

Positive Aging: Use your power

Harnessing individual engagement and community commitment to shape care plans

Community connection

The untold story of how a Chicago bathhouse became key to the city’s mpox response

Partners In Research

Actively searching

People living with HIV are playing a vital role in cure research