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Briefly | February + March 2024

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The Category is: Refills

Interruption of a prescription refill can be a major worry for people living with HIV. POSITIVELY AWARE put the question to its social media followers:

Being Bridgette: Nursing is not for the weak

Becoming a nurse taught me how to live with HIV


Ripple effect

How counterfeit drugs and PBMs threaten people living with HIV

The Global Picture: A sliver of hope

A sliver of hope

This Issue

Recipients and donors living with HIV

Transplanting HOPE

Illuminating provider blind spots in trans health care

A nurse practitioner develops a simple but transformative cultural competency session for care providers


Being transgender and living with HIV in today’s political environment 

A day With HIV

A Day with HIV: A mosaic of moments

Snapshots from around the world tell the story of ‘A Day with HIV’


A ‘status neutral’ approach to care

Using a ‘person-first, not disease-first model,’ clinicians encourage and maintain engagement with the people in their care

Going with the flow

New injectable HIV treatments require clinics to rethink their workflow

Off to a Rapid stART

How Clark County, Nevada used HIV testing to get more people into treatment and care