Positively Aware Interferon Intron A Pegasys HBV

Intron A; Pegasys

peginterferon alfa-2a; interferon alfa-2b


Standard Dose

Adult: 180 mcg injected intramuscularly once per week, no food restrictions.

Pediatric: Not recommended, but off-label use is possible. Consult with a medical provider for more information.

Intron A—
Adults and pediatrics (age 1 and older): 3 million IU/m2 three times a week (TIW) for the first week of therapy followed by dose escalation to 6 million IU/m2 TIW (maximum of 10 million IU TIW) injections. Treatment length is 16 weeks for adults and 16–24 weeks for pediatrics.

Take your missed dose as soon as possible on the same day or the next day and then continue on your regular dosing schedule. If multiple days are missed, check with your medical provider about what to do. Never double dose or take doses too close together.


Pegasys: Genentech


Pegasys: $ 1,225.79 / week
Intron A: Varies based on product and weight-based dosing
Intron A: Merck

Potential Side Effects and Toxicity

Potential Drug Interactions

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