The following are some community resources for individuals who’d like to learn more or participate in HIV remission cure and other clinical research studies, join a Community Advisory Board, and find out where new studies may be happening. The CUREiculum is currently housed at AVAC and was developed with lots of community input; it’s a good tool for learning the basics and teaching others, with print and visual modules. Jump in!



defeatHIV Social Media
Twitter handle: @defeathiv

HIV/AIDS Cure Research Glossary & Resource Guide

HIV Cure – National Association of People with HIV Australia

Positively Aware Winter 2017 Issue: What Does an HIV Cure Mean to You?

SearcHIV: Social and Ethical Aspects of Research on Curing HIV

Treatment Action Group Research Toward a Cure Clinical Trials Listing

The Martin Delaney Collaboratories:

BEAT-HIV: Delaney Collaboratory to Cure HIV-1 Infection by Combination Immunotherapy

BELIEVE: Bench to Bed Enhanced Lymphocyte Infusions to Engineer Viral Eradication

Combined Immunologic Approaches to Cure HIV-1

Delaney AIDS Research Enterprise to Cure HIV (DARE)

Delaney Cell and Genome Engineering Initiative (defeatHIV)

The Collaboratory of AIDS Researchers for Eradication (CARE)