Julie Supple will take over as TPAN's Interim CEO on January 10th.

We are excited to wish Christopher Clark well in his new chapter at Earthjustice, where he has taken a position that will help build an environmental law litigation practice in their Chicago office. Since he joined TPAN, publisher of Positively Aware, as our CEO, Christopher led our team through infrastructure change, the launch of new programs serving more clients in Chicago, and re-branding of our community events, among many other projects. We wish him lots of success in his new role!

We are proud to announce that Julie Supple, TPAN’s longtime Director of Client Services, will serve as Interim CEO. Julie draws from more than 30 years of clinical and administrative experience working in both the non-profit and corporate worlds, and in her nearly 8 years as leader and manager of TPAN’s clinical programs and services, she has overseen exponential growth in our service capacity and community impact. Under her leadership, we are excited to continue as one of Chicago’s most critical providers of health care and HIV-related services to thousands of individuals this year as TPAN’s Board of Directors works with an executive search firm to find TPAN’s next great leader.

On behalf of Christopher Clark, Julie Supple, and our Board of Directors: thank you all for your advocacy and support of TPAN’s mission.