Artists and scientists to be paired up for exhibit in Brisbane for IAS 2023
HIV Science as Art exhibit

Artists from around the world who are living with HIV are invited to apply to an art exhibition that will pair them with scientists presenting at the IAS 2023 conference in Brisbane, Australia, July 23–26. The exhibit, HIV Science as Art, will spotlight new and innovative science. Twelves artists will be commissioned to create an original work of art in collaboration with their partner scientist reflecting the concepts of the scientific work. The artwork will be created over a 90-day period in March through May.

“Art can help unite people and amplify our collective efforts in the HIV response. IAS—the International AIDS Society—is proud to support the Science as Art project at IAS 2023 and is thrilled that all proceeds will support HIV programs in the Asia/Pacific region,” said IAS president Sharon Lewin in a press announcement.

An art gallery in Brisbane will host the exhibition as part of the schedule of conference-related events. An exhibit catalog and limited-edition prints signed by the artist-scientist duos will be on sale. The original artworks will be auctioned after the exhibition to establish a fund benefiting HIV programs for key affected populations living with HIV across the Asia and Pacific region.

“As an artist and person living with HIV, this project speaks to the transformative power of both art and science,” said Jessica Whitbread, a member of the artistic curation team. “We are looking for artists living with HIV from around the world who create work in any medium to come forward to take part in this exciting project.”

Artist applications are being accepted now through January 15. Applications are open only to artists living with HIV. Artists living with HIV from the LGBTQ+ community, women, people from First Nations, sex workers, people who use drugs and other underrepresented or marginalized communities are encouraged to apply. At least half of applicants will be chosen from Asia and the Pacific region.

Participating artists will receive $5,000 AUS (Australian dollars) in three installments to cover their materials, shipping and artist fees. Final work must be completed by May 30 in preparation for the exhibit’s opening in July. 

HIV Science as Art is funded by ViiV Healthcare and is produced in coordination with the National Association of People Living with HIV Australia.

To apply for the exhibit, go to