Explore PA30: Celebrating 30 Years, Uplifting Stories of People Affected by HIV

Positively Aware is the expression of TPAN’s mission to deliver critical HIV-related health information and inspirational support to all who need it. What began as a volunteer-driven newsletter in 1990 has evolved into a national publication that is a lifeline for individuals and families across the U.S. and around the world. PA has been a trailblazing publication and media outlet in the HIV resource and advocacy movement, and today, its mission is more important than ever. Positively Aware continues to connect readers, subscribers, and followers to resources that inform, educate, safeguard and inspire. 

To celebrate our 30 years of connecting and uplifting people affected by HIV, we introduce PA30, an experience that invites you to explore and find your inspiration from individuals who have impacted our movement and demonstrated the courage and leadership to help readers live life Positively Aware.

Donate today to help PA continue to connect, inform, and inspire hundreds of thousands of readers, care givers, and people affected by HIV—regardless of their identity, income, or community. With your support, PA will continue as a lifeline for years to come. 

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